Planeten Paultje’s

Measuring our Solar System model

“Measuring our Solar System model” is a spreadsheet in which the diameters  of the planets and their mean distances to the Sun can be converted to those of a scale model.

Also, a number of values of the Earth can be calculated back to those of a globe.

Download the file by clicking on the picture above.

Left in the window are the real values and on the right are the model values. Enter the desired diameter in a yellow field and all the associated values of the model will be recalculated instantly.

Demonstration tip: Use een large lamp als a model Sun. I myself use a paper lamp with a 90cm diameter which I hang from the ceiling of the classroom. The corresponding model Earth will then be 8,2mm in diameter. Hang this small bead from a thin wire in front of the lamp, so the class can clearly see  its silouette against the “sunlight”. The size difference can hardly be shown more clearly and is a revelation to many. Of course you may want to have the other planets at hand too.

I hope this spreadsheet will serve a useful educational purpose. Any comments and corrections are welcome. I hope to publish modifications and extensions in future versions.

Anyone may use this spreadsheet freely, unless for commercial goals; in that case, please contact me.

Much more information can be found at “Build a Solar System”. Also make sure to visit the “Webmaster’s Page”.