ICR  =  Internet Connection Required for the program to function properly


Updated: 2009-08-04

   SENSOR DATA            Read out the GPS and accelerometers

   MAX G FORCE            Nice 2D readout of the iPhone accelerometers

   G-METER            Read out the three accelerometers separately


Acceleration 3D Detector is an iphone application which can display 3D acceleration vector and record acceleration vector values (magnitude, direction, and coordinate values in x,y,z axis);

One significant feature of this app: You can set up a set of time points in the acceleration testing, each time point can record the instant acceleration vector values. The time points setting ranges from 0 minutes 0 seconds 100 millisecond to
59 minutes 59 seconds 900 millisecond. The Minimum time point interval is 100 millisecond. It also has a feature which can display a route when you make a acceleration movement (shake,wave, swing) with the device.

-set number of time points to record vector values,angle, velocity increment
-render real-time acceleration vector in a 3D space screen
-display acceleration vector values
-display velocity increment values (in some conditions could be instantaneous velocity value, like movement from 0 velocity)
-record acceleration and velocity increment vector at each time point
-store vector values of time points into history saving list
-movement route track display
-send test data via email so user can transfer data to Mac or PC

The velocity increment (v inc) is an instantaneous value which is captured in a short time span within 50 - 100 milliseconds. if your movement with device is in sequential acceleration or uniform acceleration, it will record the speed increment (in some condition it can be considered as an instantaneous velocity value like acceleration movement from 0 speed, etc.). It is not suitable for testing velocity in uniform speed movement.

Warning: do not use this app to test movements which would cause devices, humans or other objects to be damaged or destroyed.

   GEOQUICK           Read out the GPS receiver

   MAGNETISM FOR 3GS        Read out the 3GS magnetic field sensor

Magnetism will let you see and hear the magnetic fields that surrounds you everyday. Use Magnetism to detect metal objects with strong magnetic fields behind walls, see your friends influence on the earths magnetic field and track the field influences in your home.
How does it work? Magnetism uses the new Iphone 3Gs built-in magnetic detector to measure the magnetic field around you. It even tracks them for you on an easily to read graph to enable you to see changes over time. Magnetism is a fun tool that will let you discover your surroundings in a new way.

- Graphical display that tracks changes
- X, Y, Z Co-ordinate display
- Magnitude of magnetic field in mGauss
- Ability to show peak field strength
- Ability to Pause detection
- Ability to hear the magnetic field as ambient sound
- Integrated a true compass